What is Kinesiology?

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Kinesiology uses muscle monitoring to access the body's innate awareness and promotes the body's ability to self-heal. The innate awareness is an inner knowing or intelligence, which is accessed through the subconscious mind. It holds our memories and information about our emotional and mental states as well our physical stresses.

Kinesiology uses a holistic approach to treat the body as a whole. Physical ailments may arise due to many factors, including unresolved stress or trauma, nutritional and environment imbalances and lifestyle choices. Two people with the 'same' physical ailment may have different underlying causes, which means that the support their body requires may be completely different. Through kinesiology, we can investigate possible stresses within the body to ensure that at all aspects of an issue are covered.

Kinesiology can be used to address emotional issues and trauma, brain function, learning difficulties, physical ailments, structural issues and mental and spiritual growth.

Healthy, but not quite achieving what you want? Kinesiology is also a great tool to assist you to achieve personal outcomes through investigation of what is holding you back. Kinesiology coaching allows your body to do the talking.

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Potential Benefits


Restore balance (homeostasis)

Process shock and trauma

Release stress and anxiety

Release emotional triggers or reactions

Identify the causes of physical symptoms and assist with the healing process

Improve memory and learning

As stresses are released, you may notice other benefits such as:

Improved motivation, clarity and focus

Becoming less reactive

Improved social interactions and relationships

Being more independent

Releasing addictions and phobias

Awareness of the body's ability to self-heal

Improved confidence and self-worth

What should I expect from a Kinesiology Session?


In Kinesiology we are guided by the body through muscle monitoring.

At each session we will discuss the issues that you are currently wanting to address.

It is usual to work with the body's priority issue and together we will set a goal to work with.

Muscle monitoring is used throughout the session to investigate how to best support you with respect to the presenting issue.

Every treatment will vary depending on what arises during a session.

How you feel during treatments will also vary. You may experience energetic shifts, varying emotions or you may feel calm and relaxed. Remember, there is no wrong or right - there just is.

Sessions may be energy based, structural, neurological, physiological, emotional or a combination.

Each experience is different as your body leads the way to improve your health.

You will be lying on a treatment table, so we suggest wearing something comfortable.