Welcome to Influential Pause. Are you ready to invest in you?

When we take time out to look after ourselves, to nuture our inner being, we can find the peace and calm that we so deserve. When we are calm and relaxed and feel a sense of wellbeing, we are better able to deal with everyday life. This, in turn, has a positive effect on those around us.

My journey began in 2015 when I discovered meditation. I was drawn to learn Reiki and have loved sharing it with others. I am pleased to now be able to also offer Kinesiology and Sound Therapy (Tibetan Bowls). I look forward to sharing these modalities with you, so that you can experience the many benefits they offer.

No matter where we are on the journey of our life, each of us benefits from support, whether it be on a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level. Your body receives support to unlock it's own healing potential.

If you feel drawn to have a session, I would be honoured to be of service to you.

With love and gratitude for all that you are.. and for all that you can be.


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