Advanced Life Development Program

Reiki for All

We do coaching with a difference.

Through the use of Kinesiology, we allow the body to do the talking!

Once we break out of the cycle of simply dealing with our stresses we can become proactive and take the opportunity to move forward with our goals and dreams.

Kinesiology aids in the achievement of personal outcomes through investigation of what is holding us back and receiving the guidance of the innate awareness for the support we need.

Kinesiology coaching facilitates a journey beyond the comfort zone providing the opportunity for growth.

The holistic nature of kinesiology helps us to find the balance needed between Yin (that which nutures us, relationships, feelings, reflection) and Yang (our goals, achievements, wealth, status) to facilitate growth, abundance and longevity.

Are you ready to take charge of your life, engage your passions and reach new possibilities?

Advanced Life Development Program was developed by Guy Bennett of Create Your Reality College of Kinesiology

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Potential Benefits


Optimise your potential

Reach desired outcomes

Address areas of your life that are 'lacking'

Unblock that which is holding you back from achieving what you want

Guidance from your innate awareness for needed support

Bring balance to your life

Become empowered as you move from being reactive to proactive

Move from being in effect of your life to being the cause of your life

Be supported in your journey

What should I expect from Coaching Sessions?


Initially, you will complete a questionnaire to determine your current life status and outcomes you want to achive.

At our first session we will review the questionnaire (or complete it if you have not already done so).

At each session Kinesiology will be used to determine priority life areas or outcomes to work with.

Muscle monitoring is used throughout the session to investigate how to best support you with respect to your priority life area or outcome.

Where relevant, we will investigate and discuss specific skills, tasks or resources that are required for the completion of your outcomes.

At the end of each session you will be given an action plan to complete prior to the next session. We will hold you accountable.

We will also review your life status and outcomes throughout the coaching to ensure their continued relevance.

Ideally, we will complete five coaching sessions within a ten week period.

Coaching sessions are generally longer than a standard kinesiology session.