How often do we get stuck in the thoughts of how we have been wronged; of the things that have been done to us, of the things that we seemingly have no control over?

How often do we tell ourselves the story and how often do we repeat our story to others? How often are we providing thought and energy to a situation that has passed? By living in the past, we struggle to move forward.

Do you notice that when you dwell on a situation, similar ones keep arising? Why not give more thought to how you would like your life to be; how you would like others to show up in your life; how you would like to be treated.

Take responsibility - what we attract into our lives is based on our thoughts, beliefs and actions, and these are a choice.

When we accept responsibility for our part in a situation we can let go of our story, and in letting go, we can be free. We can stop living in the past, appreciate the present and move forward with our lives.

If you look at every situation as an opportunity to learn and grow, then you can be grateful for everything that shows up in your life. You can then forgive others for their 'wrong-doings'. This does not mean that you condone their behaviour, but you are no longer allowing the energy of that person or a situation to keep you from moving forward with your life.

Forgive and set yourself free.


Meditation - Best done every day!

Sometimes I just don't meditate. I want to, but for some reason, I don't! Simple as that. I make the choice to go through my days knowing there is a better way, but still taking a more chaotic path.

A few days ago I finally sat on my couch, closed my eyes and listened to a guided meditation. As I was going to bed, I realised that I had not reacted to 'stuff' later in the day that I had been reacting to in the previous week. I had spoken up when I needed to, I was not going over stories in my head, I didn't let things 'get to me' and I just generally felt more at ease and relaxed.

All too often we think we don't have time. By taking a few minutes to sit quietly, listening to a guided meditation or quiet music or even the sounds around us, we become so much clearer and focused. And if we are then no longer reacting and/or have clarity with what we want to be doing, do we not actually gain some time that would otherwise be spent with energy draining distractions?

So how much time does it take? Do you need to find a guided meditation? Do you have to meditate for 20 minutes? Sometimes we forget that just being still and focusing on our breath is all we need to do, and we don't have to do it for a set length of time either. How easy would it be to stop for a minute and be still? How many times a day could we do that? What if we enjoyed that minute so much that it became two minutes? And what if, after a week of stopping for a minute or two we saw the benefits of being still; the clarity, the calmness, the responses instead of reaction; do you think those minutes might become longer?

Perhaps we might realise that we can choose to make time for ourselves, to re-centre, to regroup, to ground ourselves. Can you find the time to be still each day?